Ohnomoon :: "Sleeping Limbs"

New York's Ohnomoon evoke something lush, dark and rich, a haunting series of whispers and lilting guitars. Somewhere between the atmospherics of Warpaint and the sparse guitar work of minimalist outfits like the xx, "Sleeping Limbs" perhaps follows even more of a narrative arc, introducing the chilling central lyric, "Protect me from what I want," before eventually collapsing into a sea of shoegazing guitars near the conclusion. This wouldn't feel out of place sound-tracking a montage in 1996 stalker classic, Fear, where Wahlberg would issue blistering, vaguely crazy stares and Reese Witherspoon would be blinkingly naive, if stronger than we originally give her credit for. This is to say, Ohnomoon are in the business of generating a dark pathos with this smoldering female vocal set over and against these small and then very present guitars.

Listen :: Ohnomoon - "Sleeping Limbs"

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