The Denzels :: "Rae Rae" and "Black Girls"

 Music for a doom-and-gloom 1950s high school dance that you never attended, The Denzels craft a brand of rock that represents an odd mixture of thrown-back influences and post-punk updates. On "Rae Rae", the chorus breaks on the laissez-faire, "I like you/I want to keep it that way", as an angular guitars rip towards the ceiling and the drums do a Box Step in the center of the dance floor. A bizarre merging of the earnest 50s and the Robert Smith 80s, this a sock hop with eyeliner (apologies to Michael Stipe). "Black Girls" taps similar sonic territory, biting at the edges on a brilliant baritone hook around the stretched out lyrics, "Nobody cares for you." It stumbles and shakes to the finish, a bit of shabbiness inside of something that feels, at once, very intentionally old and very impressively new.

The Denzels - Rae Rae by Low Life Inc

The Denzels - Black Girls by Low Life Inc

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