Capybara :: "Neighbor Crimes"

A suburban ethos proves appropriate for Capybara's "Neighbor Crimes", a certain intimacy mixed with a critical distance. Sounding like a UB40 demo taken out to the garage and then shot up in the sky, ripping guitars erupt over a lullaby, upstroke melody. The song focuses on three big guitar chords, alternately setting them against a glittering arrangement of reverbated pop and pulling them out on their own, something dragged outside to explode alone in the backyard. Of course, the most memorable lyric isn't particularly domestic, the austere and pastoral, "Thinking, going, Mexico", both grammatically incorrect and also the perfect foil for those same guitars. Featuring some of the best pop hooks of 2012, "Neighbor Crimes" rings as idyllic, troubled and completely elevating, a family garage where the electric guitars sound like lions, the pianos ride the off-beat, and the next destination is undeniably elsewhere.

Listen :: Capybara - "Neighbor Crimes"
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