Tiny Victories :: "Lost Weekend"

Tiny Victories self-actualize in the second verse of "Lost Weekend". The arrangement whirrs around them and the snapping rhyme whips, "I know you, you got a stereo heart. You got an ache in your mind, and that's a bad way to start." It's a dreadfully simple way to get kicked in the teeth. The loops and structural architecture call on the recent work of Clock Opera, a simple chiming melody turned into a glittering array of twinkling synths. Predictably, this moment of meta-cognition only preludes another, the crashing conclusion of all these disparate motifs organizing themselves behind the lives drums in a seething final movement. The lyric-less final act proves appropriate for a song about "spend[ing] a lost weekend walking around in your head." Just because the band self-actualizes doesn't mean the listener always gets to join them. For now, they suggest, it will be enough for you to wander.

Listen :: Tiny Victories - "Lost Weekend"

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