Jagwar Ma :: "Come Save Me"

Calls for help have never sounded so good or so insincere. Australia's Jagwar Ma recently released "Come Save Me", an effervescent and crushing treatise on unrequited love, yet managing to never sound totally bent or broken. If the heartbreak remains on-going, "Come Save Me" sounds more like an invitation than a document of surrender. The sound is thrown back in that way that made Cults so instantly appealing, and the hooks work like velcro on lines like, "Oh, it's not what you wanted" and the title lyric. The arrangement rises and swirls, but never manages to sound solipsistic, one of those lost love stories where the protagonist isn't insufferable. It makes Jagwar Ma an artist to watch in the coming months, packing more melody than can suitably fit in most pop songs with no masochist after-taste.

Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma

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