Buried Beds :: "Ivory Towers"

It is easy to forget at this advanced cultural moment in 2012 that the Garden State soundtrack meant a great deal in 2004. It proved as divisive as it was exciting, an argument for or against its existence boiling down to whether or not you already owned the first Shins LP. It didn't change anyone's life, we hope, but it did change the landscape for independent music. Buried Beds' latest single, "Ivory Towers" taps this moment, a tender mash of the harmonies that forged Simon and Garfunkel's work and some of the self-serious cuteness that made the early Shins releases so charming. Both these references make "Ivory Towers" easy to dismiss, another delicate, little pop song that runs exuberantly downhill and features lyrics like, "Wear your honor, not your armor." But there existed a time when discovering something that sounded like this, even on the soundtrack to a staged solipsism like Garden State, would have meant a great deal to you. There is no going back, we suppose, but you can relive the perfect dark of 2004 for four minutes with Buried Beds and "Ivory Towers".

Listen :: Buried Beds - "Ivory Towers"

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