Blonde Summer :: "Robots on Command"

Could you love a machine? What if you already do? Blonde Summer's "Robots on Command" is substantially more bizarre than debut single, "Slow Days Fast Company." The latter was a slamming summer single, the former and more recent, "Robots" is a sort-of love letter to androids wrapped in a pulsing Wolf Parade-style arrangement. The existential questions are largely left out, the sort of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? investigations that lead, seemingly, inexorably to movies like The Terminator and The Matrix. What happens when they wake up? Will they love us or hate us? The bridge features a nearly fecund, purring lyric, "Don't go home to where you're from/space can wait," which is about as close as you can come to making a pass at a machine in modern pop music. This unity of man and machine is marked by the metaphor, "volcanoes and water coming together," a destructive love story for people who can't remember the last time their iPhone wasn't within an arm's reach. It seems like love or some kind of digital serfdom. Or maybe, it's the soundtrack for the moment you ask for directions and your phone says, "Why?"

Listen :: Blonde Summer - "Robots on Command"

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