The Happy Hollows :: "Endless"

Like Fleetwood Mac roughed up and taken downtown, the Happy Hollows and mercurial lead singer Sarah Negahdari return with lead single, "Endless" from a new EP forthcoming this fall. "Endless" elevates behind Negahdari's effortless vocal control, pitching through octave size tweaks in the song's first lyrics and finally slipping into a dull roar, a moan that serves as the chorus, the melody slipping through steps, modular and like the title, endless. The guitars are of the winsome post-punk variety giving "Endless" this sort edgy Stevie Nicks quality, a buzzing, neon take on "Everywhere" transported to Silverlake and left to fend for itself. While Negahdari, one of the most charming women in indie rock, goes on tour with Silversun Pickups as their replacement bassist, consider "Endless" a very welcome return for her main band and the forecast of great things to come.

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