sootytern :: "Get It Sorted"

"It's often lovely," the last lyric of UK band sootytern's "Get It Sorted" rings against the edges of an arrangement that features an unholy and ebullient alliance of ukelele and mandolin. It risks being a bit cute even if it, thankfully, never is. Even hidden beneath the twee veneer is a tiny post-punk song that in its final movement chases up the fret board for the highest iteration of hi-fi stringed instruments, an ode to shoegaze with tools that fit in a backpack. It is the type of self-actualized pop that reminds this writer of a combination of the leanings of Mumford and Sons - the choice of traditional folk instruments to create what are, ostensibly, pop songs - and Stornoway or an unplugged and considerably happier Frightened Rabbit. For all their repetition of the final lyric, "Get It Sorted" isn't often lovely, it always is.

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