The Lovely Bad Things :: "I Want You To Go Away"

This was the year that Beth Cosentino's love for the West Coast had her writing slow songs. California finally made the gittery, faux-edgy garage pop girl go soft. It was as pretty as it was unsettling. The Lovely Bad Things, who I presume take similar thesis-statement license with their name as Cosentino does with Best Coast, aren't there yet. Lead track, "I Want You To Go Away" means exactly what it says, emphasizing the notion of separation with unacademic dismissals like, "I don't give a shit." This line rhymes with the pedantic and satisfying, "I don't know what I'm searchin' for but I know that you're not it." Garage pop that refused to trade its edges, "I Want You To Go Away" is a soaring break-up song, written in the basement with a chorus that heads for the roof, backing vocals chasing up the same musical thirds as the thrust of the melody. The final tones are the echoing of fuzzy guitar reverb, the last sounds rattling around the contours of a relationship that is absolutely - with punctuation - over.

Listen :: The Lovely Bad Things - "I Want You To Go Away"


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure if this is meant to be a good or bad review, but all I can say is this band is amazingly talented with catchy riffs and lyrics and melodies that stick in your head, not to mention an incredible live show. Love them and regardless what any blogger says, because as we know all art is subjective and these guys are true artist!

32feet said...

I only write about music I like.

Anonymous said...

I figured that out after the fact but had already posted the comment. I like them too a lot! Nice review!