Bon Iver :: "Beth/Rest" [Work Drugs remix]

In what has to be one of the best remixes of 2012, long-time favorite Work Drugs turn their silky synthesizers on the vocal stems of Justin Vernon's "Beth/Rest." While the soul of "Beth/Rest" still lies in Vernon's mind - it was, after all, what he called "the most important song" on his sophomore LP - it has been artfully redone, a back beat and a stilted vocal loop taking Vernon's Karate Kid-era throwback and turning the car downtown and toward the lights of the city. The final movement is all extrapolation. Work Drugs take increasing control of the arrangement until the conclusion is beautiful and only faintly attached to the original composition. Not surprisingly, the last lyric is a new addition, "This our turn now," the perfect thesis statement for such benevolent musical imperialism.

You can vote for the Work Drugs remix in the Bon Iver Remix contest here.

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