Home Alone :: "Sleep.Walk.In"

In a bit of plagiarism that trends toward the reverential instead of the felonious, Toronto's Home Alone re-appropriates the guitar melody from Santo and Johnny's 1958 hit, "Sleep Walk" for the reverently named, "Sleep.Walk.In". Of course, if the original conjured something vaguely pacific - all sunshine, mournful afternoons and a lilting umbrella in your rapidly sweating glass - the recasting, off a cassette released EP appropriately titled Teddybears and Weed, chases the melody back to the overgrown bedroom. Home recording at its best, Home Alone's "Sleep.Walk.In" proves rugged, shabby and a bit brilliant, the product of languid mornings and interminable late afternoons, the sleeplessness and exhaustion of a post-adolescence spent on shag carpet with thoughts the size of your parent's subdivision.

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