Magic Man :: "Texas"

Boston's Magic Man, now a slightly different outfit based in my hometown of Providence, RI, were one of our favorite discoveries of 2010, and their debut record, Real Life Color, represented the best independently released album of that year. Reconstituted a bit, Magic Man, returns with booming single, "Texas", the second hint of a coming full length. The synth hook gives a bit of an homage to EDM, a drunk loop that weaves along, frenetic, like an urgent trip through a moving and disorganized crowd. Like the best music of restless and surging youth, "Texas" describes the specific power and peril of being young - the imagery is a veritable Levi's ad "sun-kissed light", "bonfire burning tonight", "at home on the road", "remember the time we slept on the roof" - a final movement of drums that thrill to the downbeat and an organized chaos brought into place and time, a bit like the youth that is never quite wasted on the young.

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Katie G. said...

When are you guys coming to San Francisco? You have a lot of fans out here!!