The Lawlands :: "Elsewhere

San Franciscan indie pop outfit The Lawlands craft single, "Elsewhere" as the crux of a teleological crisis. Do the traveling circuses of our lives have any intentional destination? Do these moveable feasts have a meaning in their movement? Full of Smiths-indebted affectation and Magnetic Fields-inspired baritone, "Elsewhere" crashes around with a dark purpose: the doubting of place and purpose. Vocalist Anthony Ferraro describes these sojourned locations as powerline jungles, brilliant darkness, echoing wastelands, an aggressive modernism with a flippant hook, "by the time you arrive/we'll have evacuated elsewhere." The interstitial proves more disorienting, the ends we seek either transformed, obfuscated or somehow unrecognizable in the very arriving at them. In essence, by the time you get there, it won't be there anymore.

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