Rogue Wave :: "College"

Zach Rogue's most recent release as Rogue Wave was the troubled and bombastic long player, Permalight. Without enumerating the album's many failures, auto-tune was featured prominently, and Rogue, allegedly penned most of the album in the throws of multiple slipped disks in his back. As is so frequently the narrative with mid-career bands, by the time of Permalight, Rogue had drifted awfully far from the college radio fare that made him so intensely likeable at the early 2000s. "College", the first single from coming LP Nightingale Floors, returns Rogue Wave to the more propulsive designs of his early work. Relying here on a clattering piano riff and fuzzy guitars, "College" has one of those hooks that calls for instant replay. The long outtro, the long sense of a come down after the frenetic high points of, as Rogue describes it, a confusing and long form adolescence.

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