Walker Lukens :: "Kindle to Your Fire"

It isn't quite the dulcet hook-loop of Animal Collective's "My Girls" that seized nearly everyone who heard it in 2009, but Walker Lukens' "Kindle to Your Fire" channels the same type of big tent vocal, wrapped in a melody designed to be staircase on which the listener will traipse up and down. "Kindle to Your Fire" roots in something less specifically glittering, more organic, maybe richer even, as Lukens wails the title lyric into a World Music-indebted arrangement. The loop is a vocal, Lukens singing a modulated series of tenor, "oh's" from the outset through the conclusion. It swells, you knew it would from the very adding of the initial layers, before eventually retreating into the first vocal loop which bore its existence, a story of creative destruction, high tides and the recidivism that always follows.

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