La Vega :: "Key West"

The surf-rock veneer of La Vega's "Key West" eventually gives way to a multi-layered chorus that pays ode to both the Strokes and the lunch-pail rock of bands like the Hold Steady. The refrain which kicks with one of the best pre-choruses of 2013, "It's almost way too late for you say that / it's almost way too late to even try", a languid vocal that recalls bits of Casablancas and a coupling of wailing guitar and an insistent piano backing that hints of Craig Finn. The refrain itself explodes on the back of this invocation with a vigorous defense of alone-ness in the heat and waning days of a summer. A rip-roaring good time, La Vega have given listeners one of the many sounds of the summer.

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YLLaGDI said...

I'm not so sure "insistent piano backing" references The Hold Steady so much anymore, considering they never replaced Franz Nicolay and recently have been touring without a keyboard player at all and just added another guitar. They're really just a very slow punk band these days.