Bad Lamps :: "Never Know The Difference"

A very young and very snappy duo from LA, Bad Lamps have lead single, "Never Know The Difference" that is both pleasantly shabby and undeniably taut. Perhaps, this tension is appropriate, given that the band essentially recorded the songs live to DAT, only adding some backing vocals later on. The lyrical motif, "she's just a little spotty British girl" rips as a bit of understated staccato, like the looping drums that clap insistently at the back of the mix. The title lyric is backed by an elevating progression of guitar chords, the kind of thing that sticks in your head immediately and demands to be replayed. From an unexpected source, one of the songs of the summer plays rough around the edges and completely riddled with hooks.

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Jonathan L. said...

This is an amazing song mate. Thanks.