Sun Airway :: "Wild Palms"

A mixture of longing and lust, wrinkled like the last items in the bottom of a duffel, come blithely to the surface in Sun Airway's latest single, "Wild Palms". Dulcet strings form the backing loop and the backbone of the song, in the spirit of the work that Her Space Holiday did back in 2005. Glittering synths enter the frame, adding a dose of unbridled wonder before the band's trademark lo-fi vocals nearly trip over each other to find a shabby but brilliant chorus, as a packaged eighth note high hat bleeds urgency. The arrangement swirls and bobs like a drifting and nearly lost beach toy in the surf and tide. Then, it is not coincidence that Sun Airway's central lyric is the barely deciphered, "just to reach you ...", a receding moment and only that.

Listen :: Sun Airway - "Wild Palms"

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Anonymous said...

love this track! here's an unofficial music video i made for the song :)