Light Vibes :: "Wish We Had"

Bring your sunglasses, brothers and sisters. It's going to be bright, whether the sun comes out or not. Plus, your Wayfarers, your women's sunglasses (re-appropriated and turned ironically and definitively male), your aviators, your five dollar gas station glasses, all just look so damn cool. Light Vibes, a Swedish outfit, testing the limits of brightness settings turn up the the treble to the highest of high-fi, turning an angular, blinking series of riffs into the most ear-splitting bit of brilliance since you saw Passion Pit on the Chunk Of Change tour. It's almost too much, and suddenly you're back on the playground in 3rd grade with your teacher telling you not to stare directly into the solar eclipse, handing you a shoebox with a pinhole and saying, "Here, now look." Of course, you're not a child anymore and the shoebox is now a pair of sunglasses, ironic or not, to both guard you against and allow you to see such absolute, rare brilliance. You do look cool too, staring directly at "Wish We Had", a slow drive anthem about something lost (for this metaphor, your childhood), something found (here sits your troubled post-adolescence) and something too bright to see. And we'll call that the future, tomorrow.

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