FIRST RATE PEOPLE :: "Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art"

First Rate People return with their most long form effort to date, "Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art". For a band with such fine songs and many of them clocking under three minutes, the 4:38 run time on "Work Of Art" feels downright longitudinal. Carrying three or four distinct movements on the single, the band continues to be agile, Swiss Army popsmiths, shifting between melodies with a sense that you're never fully out of the chorus. The arrangement is spacious, with a production sheen that indicates that FRP's days of making little bedroom pop songs might be graduating into something larger, the proverbial roof deck above the cozy studio apartment. Most importantly, like everything else the band has done to date, "Work Of Art" can instantly become your favorite song, the special power of the Canadian kids with pockets overflowing with hooks.

Listen :: First Rate People - "Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art"

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