Washed Out :: "Amor Fati"

By far Earnest Greene's most ebullient track to date, "Amor Fati" is the second insight into what his Sub Pop debut, Within and Without, will sound like when it hits retailers on July 12. Drowned in seasick synths like all his other Washed Out work, "Amor Fati" traffics in a reverent melody cast against a slightly more aggressive BPM setting. Sounding a bit like a Breakfast Club soundtrack for an entirely reversed generation, where the kids are more polished than the music, the intentionally reverb-heavy Greene continues to spin beautifully flawed, cold medicine pop. At this, his most upbeat, you picture skipping detention in your sunglasses to put the finishing touches on your resume and complain about the perils of declining professionalism in the world of secondary education. This is looking cool incorporated. Fists in the air, my friends.

Listen :: Washed Out - "Amor Fati"

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