The Echo-Friendly :: "Same Mistakes"

The brightness knob, the one that controls everything (just invented, just now), is going to be dipping toward dim on The Echo-Friendly's "Same Mistakes". Your dashboard lights, your desktop background, your kitchen track lighting, your city's skyline, all toned down around a graveled male vocal. Of course, this wouldn't be fun if "Same Mistakes" turned all lights down until they were off, and here comes a female voice to pull the dimmer up, brightening and lightening in time. The major turn, beyond a slow-drive piano progression, is the interplay between these two - dim, bright, dim, bright - a slower, more organic version of the idea that drove the Postal Service's "Nothing Better". It's gut punch pop: dark and light, nodding your head in the throws of a disaster.

Listen :: The Echo-Friendly - "Same Mistakes"

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