Modernage :: "Creatures"

We're packing up the car and heading up the coast. The gang is getting rallied together from all over the northeast. We'll be spending one of the last weekends of the summer in a one-story house tucked in a neighborhood where people park on their lawns and burn meat in their backyards. When in Rome ...

1,500 miles to south, in Miami's buergeoning (yes, kind of) indie-rock scene, Modernage will be playing "Creatures." It's a sort of warm, sort of dark, sort of angular rock song. It chirps and moves and finally settles into a simple, catchy chorus, "we should have made things better/we should have stayed together/I should have been more clever." As guitar riffs peel off and vocals sail, the lead singer finally insists, "I want to know if you miss me." It's the kind of bridge that could end your summer. We know how we'll end ours. And we'll play Modernage all the way up 95.

Listen :: Modernage - "Creatures"

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