Young Galaxy :: "Long Live The Fallen World"

Contradictions find their way into song titles like swear words find their way into cable television programs. It's not entirely unwelcome or inappropriate and, if you're being honest, you were prepared for something like this. You are not shocked.

Young Galaxy's "Long Live The Fallen World" is a disjunction in title and sound. Out of the gates they showcase an all-business 4/4 beat before unleashing some positively smoldering synths. The aesthetic is something out of an eastern European nightclub. The vocals, every bit like the girl from now defunct Vancouver band The Organ, are full of ache. And the chorus, sounding a little like a late 90s REM melody/backing vocal, spits the title lyric.

And maybe at the 3.50 mark, they could have called it a song. But the song is 4.57 for a reason. The pace quickens noticeably. The arrangement lurches forward like the relief of a loosening traffic jam. Plunking synth-stabs rain down until the sky is covered in electronics and then it's really over; maximum velocity and then nothing. It is a drastic turn and a good one. But hell, if contradictions are a bitch, you weren't built for network anyways.

Listen :: Young Galaxy - "Long Live The Fallen World"

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