Evan Voytas :: "So Sure"

When Evan Voytas falls asleep the packaged drums slow to a stop. Hours later his alarm tones some combination of the keys in his newest release, "So Sure. As he stumbles out of bed, confused and disoriented, the Casio-drums kick back in; everything begins to fall in time. His day has an electronic heartbeat.

Off the self-aware and newly released EP The New Dynamic Sound Of Evan Voytas, "So Sure" thumps and pulses surreptitiously until it stumbles into a chorus of electronic chimes. The vocals, equally measured, are draped in reverb and hush. Voytas, though not trying to write the theme song to an 80s cop drama, has nonetheless used metallic keys and humming synths to create something that sounds old but is, undeniably, new. Never a slouch on the emotional pathos, he delivers "So Sure," as equally uplifting and meaningful. It all comes together. If everything isn't going to the beat, the beat is going to everything.

Listen :: Evan Voytas - "So Sure"
Bonus :: Evan Voytas - "Give It Back"

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