The Mountain Goats :: "Hath Thou Considered The Tetrapod" [Live]

Lazy day for the blog and we'll dig into the catalogue. I was late to the Mountain Goats party (October 2005), though, perhaps it doesn't matter. John Darnielle is someone with whom his fans have an uncomfortably close relationship and recency isn't the focus. Though if you were listening to the Fisher-Price recordings in '96, sure, I give you all the credit in the world. For me, it was fall '05 and almost immediately, Darnielle felt relevant. He was candid when I wasn't entirely sure what that would sound like. Without exaggeration, he turned my whole year around.

Tonight in the car, weaving through disinterested traffic, we switched on The Mountain Goats. It was exactly the right choice. And maybe it's disjointed to turn to a song that is wantonly about abuse after a great weekend with friends. Live with it. This is about the exact opposite emotion and Darnielle reminds of the struggle: "Held under these waves by your strong and thick veined hand/but one of these days, I'm gonna wriggle up on dry land." Always remember the tetrapod.

Listen :: The Mountain Goats - "Hath Thou Considered The Tetrapod" [Live]
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