R.E.M. :: "Living Well Is The Best Revenge" [Live In Dublin]

R.E.M., a band who arguably defined college rock in the 80s, made huge crossover success in the 1990s and then drifted into relative quiet in the 2000s, was ripe for a comeback last year. They shut it down, got frustrated, recorded a new album, Accelerate, that was rife with pissed-off riffs and the backing vocals that defined their career and, most importantly, they came back. In the throws of this journey, they played the material before it was released on record for five straight nights in Dublin. The band describes it as an exercise in fear but you might read it as something else. The live footage and audio was turned into a record and DVD, Live at the Olympia, directed by Vincent Moon of the "Take Away Shows." It comes out in October but you can see Stipe, frustrated, focused and in black-and-white right now. Here's the appropriately titled, "Living Well Is The Best Revenge."

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

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