Deluka :: "Cascade"

We spent some of the last three hours trying to jump onto the ledge of my buddy Nate's roof. It was a somewhat risky proposition, up roughly five feet from the floor of the roof to the ledge above. While challenging it was far less than impossible, if not for a few disinsentives. I suppose the fear was dropping four stories on to a sidewalk. One overdose of bounce and this movie, though a little obvious in its construction, would all be over. This ending is not entirely unreasonable. For the record, everyone is fine and no one is left collecting their critical organs (except their heart) on Sixth Ave. Somehow, getting the gang back together makes me think of Deluka's "Cascade." My heart beats like a drum.

Listen :: Deluka - "Cascade"
Bonus :: Deluka - "Cascade" [Friendly Fires Mash-up]

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