[Elevator] Computer Magic :: "Electronic Fences" and "Teenage Ballad (High School)"

Brooklyn's Computer Magic is about to blow doors off with the hurricane force of taking chillwave to its final, logical, ground-down When In Rome/Human League conclusion. That is a compliment. An adorable, and yet not without depth, series of loops and bright synths provide the backing for longitudinal, strung-out meditations passing in the night as arrangements. On "Electronic Fences," Computer Magic spins like a anti-authoritarian pinwheel before a clap-clap track finds a chorus in the cold meds. Personal favorite, "Teenage Ballad (High School)" almost evokes the melody from Rilo Kiley's "Execution Of All Things" before the arrangement gets serious, insisting blithely, "I wanna be really mean." It is one of those washed out anthems for a John Hughes movie that never got made, kids in Wayfarer glasses and drinking straight from the hose. Computer Magic are on the edge of blowing up, like Chairlift songs played by Ernest Green or like an all-nighter slowed down to 45bpm, blurry, spinning stars and warm summer evenings.

"Electronic Fences"

Electronic Fences by Computer Magic

"Teenage Ballad (High School)"

Teenage Ballad (High School) by Computer Magic

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