tooth ache. - "Skin"

Both weaving and baroque, tooth ache.'s "Skin" sounds like Our Constant Concern-era Mates of State being played by 2009's Beach House. The keys are nearly irritating, Nintendo saccharine, too sweet like juice concentrate mixed with the wrong proportion of water. However, when added to bottom-of-the-pool vocals and a clap track, the result is utterly perfect. Dizzy, disorienting verses lead inexorably to one of those elevated choruses with a melody built for repetition. The lyrics, almost impossible to distinguish, encourage the joy of irrepressible youth, "Not to sleep but to drag color into the wake/ And speed into morning after/ Oh, how we tickled the belly of the lake/ And rolled in its laughter." It gets no more simple, stream and download below.

tooth ache. - Skin by fatherdaughter

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