Murder Mystery :: "I Am (If You Are)"

A popular and not unsophisticated insult in the 5th grade was the seminal, "So's your face." As a rough off-shoot of the even more juvenile and existentially-minded "I know you are but what am I?", the comeback evolved to be both ultimate retort and facially specific, a total triumph of linguistic and rhetorical evolution. Brooklyn's Murder Mystery, an equally playful name in tow, take this archetype for a comeback and make it about a relationship; they take this rhetoric and make it hopeful. The central twist being, "I'm willing to try, if you are/If you are, I am." The shimmering electro-pop lifts around the band, lilting female vocals gaining strength. It's not as elementary school as it seems.

Listen :: Murder Mystery - "I Am (If You Are)"
Listen :: Murder Mystery - "Change My Mind"

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