Clubfeet :: "Teenage Suicide [Don't Do It]"

An international trio in the musical spirit of Teenagers or Hot Chip, Clubfeet released their debut record, Gold On Gold on Tuesday. We're more than happy to share a former single, now album staple, "Teenage Suicide," as ironic and cheeky as the band's name itself. Breathy synths and pensive club drums form the foundation of a glossy electro-pop slow-drive. The moment of elevation comes after the bridge when hints of U2-style guitar push through the haze and offer an anthemic twist on the the chorus' sublimely silly mantra, "Teenage suicide/don't do it!" These aren't marching orders, rather a friendly reminder of something you already know, like synth-pop with a back beat.

Listen :: Clubfeet - "Teenage Suicide [Don't Do It]

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