32ft On The Road, An Invitation

Last summer, we took the blog to LA for a month. We were welcomed with open arms. But it was one city, one location, easily navigable. This summer, starting on July 14th, we're taking this project on the road, cross-country into the month of August. Some of this is scheduled and some of this is open. We will be in Chicago for Pitchfork in mid-July and we'll be in LA around the end of the month. Basically, if you're a band (or if you know a band you think we might want to see), and you exist between New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Sante Fe, Austin, New Orleans, Charleston, DC, and Philly, let us know. 32feet(at)gmail.com. We'll try to make it work. Otherwise, thanks for your ridiculous patronage of this continually absurd project.

Last summer we raced to see if California readers or New York readers would tip the scales and take the title as 32feet's home. This summer, it's America. We're expecting a lot out of you.

Listen :: Marina and the Diamonds - "I Am Not A Robot" (Clock Opera Remix)

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Anonymous said...

Great song! Enjoy your summer.