On The List :: Delorean @ The Empty Bottle and Pitchfork [7.16-17.10]

On Friday night Delorean took the stage at Chicago's Empty Bottle just after midnight. They walked off to raucous applause just before after 1am. Thirteen hours later they were taking the stage in the surface-of-the-sun heat in front of thousands of fans at the Pitchfork Festival. From the depths of a dank rock club with Kurt Vile and Neon Indian looking on (and rocking out) to the bright lights of indie rock's most hand-picked and arguably relevant festival, it was nothing short of a whirlwind weekend of the boys from Barcelona.

The band bends to its surroundings, sounding like live club music one minute and crushing airy, summer jams the next. At the Empty Bottle they were the former, providing thudding beats (and even a synthesized fog horn) and bright melodies that had the late-night Chicago kids bouncing. The next afternoon, their music washed over Union Park like an achingly sunny wave. The music didn't change, nor did the set-list in any grave manner. The movers, "Grow," "Stay Close," and "Deli" burned the crowd up in both venues. The tone may have been different, but the change was not in qualitative value, proof of a band growing untouchable in their sound and methodology.

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