Kyla La Grange :: "Courage"

In what risks useless hyperbole, Kyla La Grange releases the excellent B-side "Courage" to accompany her bulletproof single, "Walk Through Walls". "Courage" is a more methodical affair, progressing, as it seems La Grange is built to do, relentlessly skyward. At first, the tragedy grinds at the pace of a funeral procession haunted by plinking keys and morose tams. But the arrangement swells and she breaks. La Grange speculates about a hole in our soul, the hundreds of implications under our skin and the easiest way to wreck her with a hand through her hair. She laid her heart bare, she tells us, before pleading with the void for courage. The song's final act is full and flecked with a string section articulating just the dreadful power La Grange has at her disposal. She wails against her own backing vocals - an argument she and we can't lose - and a guitar sails down the fret board in final flurry. For a song about bravery in the face of something terrible, this, again, sounds perfect.

Kyla La Grange - Courage (free download) by Stayloose

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Jeremiah II said...

just lovely