Egyptian Hip Hop :: "Heavenly" [Video]

Last June we were completely leveled by the demo "Rad Pitt" from Manchester band Egyptian Hip Hop. Now, the band is set to release their debut "7, double-sided "Wild Human Child/Heavenly" single. The better of the two cuts, "Heavenly" bleeps and bloops with the band's miles away vocals. It is reflective and exactly the kind of sound that deserves to soundtrack a growing generation of kids who need their own cathartic, "I'm ok, you're ok," Breakfast Club-moment. The video borrows from found footage of tourists visiting London, the viewer made into an awed, youthful explorer from 1984. We suspect this is what we need.


Anonymous said...

soo stooked!!

32feet said...

yeah, that makes a bunch of us. these guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

sweet video.