Handsome Furs :: "Repatriated"

What if you got lost and never came home? Wolf Parade side-project Handsome Furs, the brain child of Dan Boeckner, reflects on this question, eventually arriving at a new set of conclusions. Home has nothing to do with residence or passports or jingoism, it is a concept of the heart, and for Boeckner this center has moved to where the blaring pop music comes out of Chinese bodegas (you can't make this up; it is in their press release) and the places where hi-fi spins out of cranked, tinny speakers, calling revolution. The icy synths recall his Wolf Parade work but the back beat represents something playful and insistent. This matches Boeckner's intense final declaration, "I'll never be repatriated." He isn't coming home, this much is obvious. He belongs to something else.

Listen :: Handsome Furs - "Repatriated"
Listen :: Handsome Furs - "What About Us"

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