Kyla La Grange :: "Been Better"

Second single from new UK burner Kyla La Grange will be out on Chess Club on July 11th but it will hit the Internet earlier, considerably - this morning, in fact. "Been Better" stomps furiously out of the gates, an ode to the gripping conclusion of "Walk Through Walls" single b-side "Courage". La Grange, as always, feels built to blow the doors off any spatial constraints, somehow bound to find the swollen and thrashing boundaries of whatever arrangement she builds for her listeners. Lyrically, this is a declaration of independence, a favorite topic of this moment in the singer's early career. She proves more than willing to channel her own emotional nadirs in the hopes of inverting them into apexes; what Issac Brock deemed, "taking heartache with hard work." This trick isn't new, but the tiny blond girl holding all of the cards (and the talent) knows how to play it well.

Been Better by kylalagrange


phoebeplagens said...

she sounds a lot like stevie nicks in this one. love it.

noah said...

why do her headshots keep getting closer and closer? will the next picture be just of her, admittedly lovely, eye?

Hutton said...

I'm happy for the headshots to get closer