Under Electric Light :: "Someone Somewhere"

Entering like a dull highway hum, the Montreal pop-shoegaze outfit Under Electric Light eventually lives up to its name with a glittering array of synths drifting over a low fuzz. "Someone Somewhere" communicates a sort of wistfulness in oblique lyrics like, "It's not as easy as I thought to be someone else", to go with the - and this seems to happen all at once - shiny and dull tones of electro-pop drenched in haze. Of course, this isn't terribly experimental, one of those perfect songs that comes on during the first hour of an overnight drive, your car and the sun crashing westward into the horizon. If you enjoyed the work of a band like Pallers, Under Electric Light will be the perfect antidote for whatever long-form thoughts you're working through. On, "Someone Somewhere" the chorus, just a slight and still obvious elevation, echos memorably from the back of chamber, "I don't mind what they see" as a new and casual refrain, perfect for the moment between personal triumphs and hiding your head in the sand.

Listen :: Under Electric Light - "Someone Somewhere"

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