Typhoon :: "Summer Home"

Return to your childhood home, the dare goes, and see how small everything is; how small you must have been for all this to seem so large. This nostalgia grows metastatic on the most delicate heartbreak, played out over a lush five minutes and 18 seconds, as Typhoon spins one of those unforgettable anti-anthems, "Summer Home". Far from a battle cry, lilting guitars and mournful horns open an arrangement that fits in the soft center between the horns of Beirut and the festival folk of Local Natives. The topic, nostos, reflecting, "Can you ever be home again?" The question in this case contains a promise, the bridge reflecting a weepy prediction, "That's how we start over." This is about lost family, contained in metaphors about candles burning down and the tombs of childhood, with the promise of a coming summer and the hope of a lost and returning sister. The second-floor landing isn't nearly the height you remember jumping from, and the attic steps, warm and musky still, contain less of a mystery. The final organ chord, only a resolution by half, full of rosy memories and new rips in the fabric.

Listen :: Typhoon - "Summer Home"

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