beat radio :: "beautiful one"

Latest beat radio single, "beautiful one", strays as close as possible to being a straight forward love song. Written by the band's lead singer Brian Sendrowitz for his wife - and this grants the chorus something stronger and more enduring than your average, hey-pretty-lady pop - it represents an immediate and linear understanding of love, like one of those things you write on the back of a receipt because you absolutely don't want to forget it. The second verse veers into Sun Also Rises territory, with a quick meditation about a Spanish matador, the power of glances, the implied deftness of raising the stakes and dodging the blow. All of this is draped in the wax-paper vocals and chimes of beat radio's perfect indie pop, making it an imperfect love song wrapped in a superlative, "I always thought you were the most beautiful one," a straight line between the beginning and ever.

Listen :: beat radio - "beautiful one"

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