French Films :: "Convict"

French Films only release new music on the eve of summer. Now, rather than explaining what makes latest single, "Convict" so compelling - the backing vocals, the rollicking bass line, the fuzzy vocals, I could go on - I will make a few dying, seasonal metaphors. These will all boil down to the simple fact that in the northern hemisphere, it is getting warmer outside and isn't this just the perfect song for (fill in the blank) the million different things you'll do under such temperate circumstances (insert reference to rooftops or sunsets here)? Of course, this will be no good without a cursory reference to other bands that play similarly summery music, and here I suspect calling French Films a "mod-squad version of the Drums" would suffice. None of this would remove the simple fact that "Convict" is an obliteratingly perfect song for summer. But, I would be remiss if I didn't at least provide a second layer of meaning: a criticism of the analysis recast as the new analysis. Got it? Now, if you're doing your job, you'll reject such bifurcated meta-bullshit and listen to the five kids out of Finland who make music like the sun is never going to set on the rooftop of your perfect summer afternoon.

Convict by French Films

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