Farragoes :: "The End Of The Affair"

Think of the Postal Service and then update Ben Gibbard's vocals with a dose of Morrisey's literacy and the moroseness of Jens Lekman. This brings you close to Farragoes, a synth-pop collaboration between Tom Avis and Jeff Craley, the parallels to the aforementioned mail-reliant project running deeper as one half of the band resides in Toronto and the other in DC and most of their music comes together in stems and pieces over file-sharing websites. But, you can't very credibly call your band, Mediafire without trafficking in a soul-sucking brand of irony; it isn't 2003 anymore. On the band's completely excellent single, "The End Of The Affair" the synth loops yelp and peak, crashing into each other with the coherence and elevation of carbonation creeping up the inside of a glass. This provides the architecture for love-sick lyrics about baseball teams that never win, songs that aren't as good the second time around, discomfort with the phrase "halcyon days" and the song's best lyrics, a rhyming couplet about Virginia Wolfe impressions in an airport lounge tied to "now I'm reading Notes From The Underground". A Dostoevsky reference is the perfect closer, ironically its second lyrical appearance, before the arrangement unwinds its parts and disappears.

Listen :: Farragoes - "The End Of The Affair"

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