Hallelujah The Hills :: "Get Me In A Room"

If bad times make great art, what do good times make? A loose bass line and no-nonsense drums melt into something milky in the swirling glass of Hallelujah The Hills' latest single, "Get Me In A Room", a song about songwriting referring obliquely to the real difficultly of singing the blues and the powers of disaffected youth. A thudding, menacing piano progression builds into a chant-along chorus, the kind that you want to sing louder than the volume of your stereo will go, louder than the number of friends you have in your immediate postal zip code. The salvation depicted here is, as the band reflects in the refrain, "TBA", the title lyric offering a solution in geography if not qualitative breakthrough, "just get me in a room." The unsaid and ineffable, something that must eat at all rock and roll musicians: am I dark enough to make the music I need to make and how dark would things need to get for me to make it? And then you mutter something about when you stare deeply into the abyss, the abyss stares into you; everyone you know read Nietzsche freshman year.

Listen :: Hallelujah The Hills - "Get Me In A Room"

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