Theme Park :: "Two Hours" [RAC Remix]

Theme Park's lead singer warbles, "Can you feel anything?" in the moments before his band's lead single, "Two Hours" begins getting the RAC remix treatment, a re-imagining of the original that all but destroys any chance at the opening interrogative being true.  For a band that was once derided as little more than a Talking Heads cover outfit, "Two Hours" is a remarkably clean and expansive arrangement, glittering with keyboards and melody. Of course in the world of RAC if some is good, more is better. The synths shift toward the irrepressibly ebullient, jumping at the ceiling of limits as we imagine the audio board level lights looked when this remix began to coalesce: greens, yellows and reds, more reds. The final movement is the right one, drums rolling into synthesizer whirlpools rolling melody and the song's final lyrics, "It's bringing me down." Like so many things, even the second time, it's fantastically not true.

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