Lost Lander :: "Cold Feet"

A vaguely dissonant and withering vocal chord gives the distinct impression of early TV On The Radio, quickly includes a hooky, hopeful melody from Lost Lander on single "Cold Feet". It is a buzzy and spacious arrangement featuring the most lyrical bass guitar of 2012, an instrument very nearly speaking its own language and on its own accord, an insistent and monosyllabic tongue. The synths, loops and layers glitter, a credit to the production of Brent Knopf incorporating some of the twinkling architecture of bands like Clock Opera. The final analysis, we assume in response to the title and its implicit reticence, is vocalist Matt Sheehy repeating, "You gotta turn it off," one of those simple denials of the impossible creeping of doubt. It is surely beautiful, these hesitations, uncertain and strikingly fragile moments, a vocal chord held until its layers come apart at the lung capacity.

Listen :: Lost Lander - "Cold Feet"
Listen :: Lost Lander - "Afraid of Summer"

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