Twin Sister - "Ginger"

Twin Sister has a cool-looking website with almost no information to speak of. This, I like. It says, "we are aesthetically pleasing but that doesn't mean you get our life-story." They are a pretty girl who won't give you their phone number. This, somehow, makes them more attractive.

"Ginger" sounds a little like a slowed-down Stereolab or like some of the Holly Miranda material that's been coming out in the last month or so: Deliberate, almost hungover, and certainly pretty. It has a certain pace to it, a head-nodding bass line and a pendulum-swing of an arrangement. The melody is two parts seductive and one part mournful. The whole thing is fuzzy at the edges and takes an expectant, if lazy, flop into the wordless chorus.

It's contradictions. It's a dream sequence in fast motion; real life but slowed down. It's the water-borne dream of life and death. It's the overstatement of exaggeration mixed with the understatement of modesty. It's controlled excitement and unrestrained boredom. It is aesthetics with no content. Or the other way around.

Listen :: Twin Sister - "Ginger"
Bonus :: Twin Sister - "I Want A House"

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