Dog Day :: "Rome"

Dog Day is one of those bands you feel like you could wait on. They're not going to get big on you. They're not going to blow up and make you feel, retroactively, like you should have spit their gospel harder when you had the chance to look cool doing it. They sound like Asobi Seksu slow-dancing with Margot and the Nuclear SoSos. Put bluntly, they sound like a mixture of two moderately successful indie rock acts.

You can do the math. They're not going to sell a million records. But then again, that's not why they got in this business in the first place and that's not the reason you're about to download their song. "Rome" has a quiet dignity and a simple propulsion; a mixture of Teenage Fanclub guitars and drums and some boy-girl vocals that would remind you of the most palatable parts of Broken Social Scene. Once you're around the bend and the guitars are starting to thrash (I use this word very lightly) and the vocals are a series of rising "ohs," you'll catch why this might matter. Even if you waited on Dog Day, it's not too late and it never will be, but that only means the time is right now. The time is right now. Read that with whatever emphasis strikes you.

Listen :: Dog Day - "Rome"

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