Elevator :: Wolf Gang

Maybe 2009 is the year for Wolf Gang. Given how roughed around the demos are, it could be 2010 by the time anyone really hears this but for now, let's call it: This band is going to blow up. Define that? I'd bet you dollars to donuts (hard to say where this phrase comes from) that this band signs with the indie imprint of a major in the next 12-months. It's just going to happen. If Wild Light can end up on Columbia, where the hell could this band go? I mean, this is actually good.

What do they sound like? A little Arcade Fire, a little TV On The Radio, and a little Kate Bush (a male-fronted version). We've got one song, "Night Flying" that runs on a rough-shod guitar progression and some group vocals in the chorus. It's hard to picture now, but close your eyes and try anyways; richer production, maybe some strings, a real clean vocal mix, and those piano peel-offs in perfect crystaline hi-fi. It's hard to envision but the framework is there. I Promise.

Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Night Flying" (click through)


jehan said...

they've already signed to atlantic.

first single on neon gold. nice little indie imprint.

32feet said...

yeah, but let's check some dates. that deal was not in place when i wrote this. either way, great band and you've got to be rooting for them.